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Id: 00000054
Dog:Chow Chow, Male
Name/age:Show, 3 years
Location/date:Bauru - SP, Brazil, September 2007
Owner:Jo„o Vitor Say„o [Contact]
Photographer:Jo„o Vitor Say„o [Contact]
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Id: 00000034
Cat:Tabby, Male
Name/age:Tetsuo, 3 months
Location/date:Oakland, CA, USA, June 2007
Views: 5234
Id: 00000117
Cat:Not defined, Female
Name/age:Cici, 4 months
Location/date:Belgrade, Serbia, October 2007
Owner:Misko Ruvidic [Contact]
Photographer:Misko Ruvidic [Contact]
Views: 5209
Id: 00001229
Bird:Budgie, Male
Name/age:All, 1 year
Location/date:Tapah Perak, Malaysia, March 2011
Owner:Mustafa Kamal [Contact]
Photographer:Mustafa Kamal [Contact]
Comments:Ampang Birds Farm
Views: 5054
Id: 00000973
Bird:Cockatiel, Male
Name/age:Triski, 5 years
Location/date:Cape Town, South Africa, March 2010
Owner:Andrew & Trish
Comments:We call "her" Triski because we thought he was a she when we got him as a baby, only later did we find "she" was a boy! He can talk and is a very clever little bird.
Views: 4217
Id: 00000416
Dog:Pinscher (Miniature Pinscher), Female
Location/date:Gammelstad, LuleŚ, June 2008
Photographer:Anders ÷. [Contact]
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Id: 00000021
Dog:Border Terrier, Male
Name/age:Tubbe, 4 years
Location/date:÷land, Sweden, September 2001
Owner:Anders ÷.
Photographer:Anders ÷.
Comments:As for most terriers, Tubbe initially had a bit of a problem recognizing his rank in the family. After a year and a half of intense training and patience, he turned from a major challenge into an easy care for, gentle, adapteble and adorable family dog.
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Id: 00000027
Bird:Budgie, Female
Name/age:Albertina, 5 years
Location/date:LuleŚ, Sweden, April 2006
Owner:E. SŲderberg [Contact]
Photographer:Elisabeth G. [Contact]
Comments:Albertina was a temperamental bird. Not very interested in people. Her best friend was a little green ball that she used to play, talk, fight and cuddle with.
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Id: 00001417
Bird:Cockatiel, Male
Location/date:÷jebyn, Sweden, July 2013
Photographer:Mats Eriksson [Contact]
Views: 3145
Id: 00001419
Rabbit:Tan, Male
Name/age:Savannens Kajak, 2 years
Location/date:Lillpite, Sweden, July 2013
Owner:Sandra N.
Photographer:Mats Eriksson
Views: 3119
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